NOW WITH 220 cm (88") NEEDLE BED

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 The flat knitting machine with set-up comb, 4 systems, joint or separated carriages for integral knitting, shaped fabrics, intarsia and several possibilities of stitch qualities and yearn use.

PV4i with joint carriages: 220 cms (88") of working width allows the production of ready to wear garments in big sizes; with separated carriages: 105 cms (42") knits 2 fabrics at the same time with very high productivity.

 main characteristics

  • 2 carriages, working in tandem or separated

  • Set-up comb over the whole needle bed

  • gauges 12@ 10@ 5@

  • cutting and trapping device

  • special sinker and presser foot developments to help the stitch cast off in difficoult conditions

  • innovative take down system 

  • working flexibility on knitting qualities  

  • shorter and longer stitches on the same row, needle by needle (DSCD)    

With the  it is possible to have  

  • reduction of prodution time of an integral garment in comparison with the traditional production and making up

  • optimization of the staff assigned to production 

  • raw material cost-saving  

  • personalisation of the knitwear

  • high quality standards

  • possibility to choose among several trimmings

  • easy maintenance