PV4P Flat knitting machine with start-up comb, 4 systems, joint or separate carriages, for shaped fabrics, intarsia and widespread loop density and yarn usage. PV4P with joint carriages, with 220 cm (88") work area, can execute large size fabrics; with separate carriages on a work area of 105 cm (42") can execute two fabrics simultaneously, with significant productivity increase.

PV4P characteristics:

  • Two carriages, working in tandem or separated

  • Start-up comb over the whole needle bed

  • Gauges 4 to 18

  • Yarn cutting and trapping devices

  • Sinker system to cast off stitches even in difficult conditions

  • Kniting flexibility in terms of loop density and yarn thickness
  • Shorter and longer stitches on the same row, needle by needle (DSCD)  

With PV4P you can :  

  • Optimize the staff assigned to production

  • Save on the cost of raw material 

  • Personalize the knitwear

  • Rely on high quality standards

  • Choose among several trimmings

  • Easily maintain the machine