The new PK3P
Jacquard electronic machines, with needle by needle selection, for the production of jacquard, structured, shaped knitwear and intarsia.
PV Series includes a wide range of model at one, two, three, four and six systems, long (240 cm / 96") or compact (130 cm/ 52") needlebed, available in gauge from E3 to E18.

PT Series  
Electronic machines for plain and minijacquard trimmings and fabrics.
They are used for the production of knitting accessories (collars, cuffs, ribs) and plain (high/low butt needle selection) or minijacquard (4 needle jacks selection) straight knitwear.

P500 Series
Electronic machine for the production of ribs, cuffs and trimmings to be automatically loaded in sequence on the Cotton frames and/or on linking machines magazine bars. These machines are also available with minijacquard selection by four needle-jacks, and in the "doubling" version, which is the possibility to double a stitch every needles of the rib, to obtain more elasticity and less creases.