PT 222
PT 242
PT 22J
Needle beds
cm. 218(86")
Needle and jacks
High and low butt needles

High and low butt needles
4 different position

High and low butt needles
2 different position

E6 with needle E7 - on request needles without transfer
Needles without transfer
N° of system and carriages
Two carriages, one system each
Stitch transfer
From the front to the rear an vice versa
Without transfer
Stitch option and transfer
Working width
Single system 97 cm (38") 1x2

Single system 101 cm (40")

Max. 50,8 mm. (2") 1/2 real + 1/2 transfer adjustable
Racking in two times - Variable speed
Stitch cams
31 positions with values from 0 to180
Take down
Main roller with sector - Individually adjustable counter rollers
Yarn carriers
12 on three double guide bars (6 per carriage)
Tension arms
12 quick threading and double knot check (up to 44) - Magnetic bobbin board
Carriage traction
Via toothed belt - Main DC brushless motor
Max 1,5 m./sec with needle jack out of action
Automatic cut-off devices
Yarn breakage, fabric press off knots, empty cones, carriage impact, yarn tangle, auto diagnosis
Security measures
The machine has been designed, built and marked CE, in compliance with EEc 89/392 rules. Inside lighting
Floppy disk 3,5" - 1,44 Mb
L.C.D., 320x200 pixels with indications in different languages
Electric supply
A. C. 220V 380V, etc. No memory loss in case of power failure
On request
Supplementary cone holders or bobbin board - Positive feeding system left and/or right
Net weight
Kg. 1000
Kg. 1040
Gross weight
Kg. 1400
Kg. 1440
Length 3890 mm - Height 1805 mm - width 1020 mm