MANAGEMENT Every company is the result of the intuition and the efforts of an entrepreneur.
Protti: 40 years of flat knitting machines, which today are totally electronically programmed. Our success stems from the belief that the growth of a company can only be achieved from within its organization. The brothers Umberto, Antonio and Riccardo (current president) established the company, and the cousins Luca and Massimo have recently become part of the management, as executives they have an incredible entrepreneurial drive, and they all testify to the concept of developing a family company. Protti today enjoys a strong market position in all countries where knitted products are manufactured. We own two factories, one in Cornaredo (in the province of Milan), and one in Asola (in the province of Mantova); the total area of the factiories is 20,000 sq. meters. We have over 300 employees along with a worldwide network of sales agents who have the exclusive rights of sale of our products.

STRATEGY Research and development guarantee innovative products and services with high added value.
Protti was established in the 50's, when it started manufacturing spare parts for knitting machines, providing motorization of manual machines, and simple automatic knitting machines. We later on focused on developing the latter kind of machines, and today we are in the position to provide the broadest spectrum of these machines on the international market. Our strategic objectives are to keep our company profitable, to be able to fulfill the r equests of the market in a flexible and effective way, and to reach total customer satisfaction. Our in-depth know-how, our ability to employ our resources at best and the excellent degreee of cooperation we have achieved with all our human resources, are key elements in our strategy to maintain the competittive edge we have reached.

RESEARCH Research and development guarantee innovative products and services with high added value.
Our deep understanding of the market, of its trends and of its possible developments, and our constant effort in the field of research are the key components in the devlopment of our projects and are essential to our ability to implement innovative strategies. At present we invest 8% of our turnover in product and process research and development. The investment program is aimed at ensuring the growth of new ideas to boost our productivity and our technological innovation, and at maintaining our position of co-leaders in the creation and development of new patterns and stitches.

QUALITY The quality of our products is the natural result of the global quality system of our company.
Quality is our essential criterion in the development, the industrialization and the manufacturing of our products. We carry out quality control tests at all stages of the production process (particularly as far as strategic elements which are not available on our market are concerned). Our machines are tried out both at the end of the production in our factory and at our customer's premises. The strengthening of all our information systems, promoted by our top managers and implemented by renovating and introducing new standards and information tools, enables our production to be highly flexible, our production system to be totally automated and all components of our company to be highly realiable. Quality also means training our human resources: we promote prefessional updating also through external consultancies.

PRODUCT Specialization has enabled our company to provide an extensive and varied range of machinery.
At Protti we have been designing and manufacturing flat knitting machines for over 40 years. Our machines have always been custom-designed, and we are constantly becoming more aware of our customers' particular requirements. A good example are our new full-sinker devices, which are available on all jacquard models, the electronically controlled double thickness and our new automatic software. Our machines are high technology products, and they can be easily programmed, both peripherally and centrally. Protti has always been known for its user friendly and versatile products too. It is not only the easy handling that appeals to its customers, but also the philosophy behind its programming, which strives to keep the customer as independent as possible, thus saving time and money.

PRODUCTS We supply a global product: our service is constantly becoming more integrated.
We are increasingly focused on core business, and this has led us to decide to invest in one of the most challenging aspect of our field: providing our customers with a wide range of intelligent software packages (that is software that can be directly adapted by the user), which enables the manufacturing of knitted products. Also, we intend to carry on research in the field of new stitches with the objective of developing new trends. This process is related to different stages, starting from research and intuition, up to experimentation and develpment. This is an important strategic operation aimed at spreading the idea of quality. Thus, we intend to reinforce the idea of the innovative company, that is a company which is in the position of offering its customers an increasingly interactive role, in order to ensure steady relationships with Protti.

HUMAN RESOURCES A winning idea: developing internal organization structures.
A long and consistent process is necessary to follow our customers' requirements attentively. All company elements are involved in this process, especially human resources, which influence and guarantee the success of our company. We highly value our employees and their professional growth. Our customers are also assisted by a network of national and international sales agents which offer post-sales services and assistance in all areas where knit-wear is sold. Our attention to the market has enabled us to define relationships of cooperation and licenses with important foreign partners.

The results it has reached during these last years have made Protti one of the leading companies in its field.